Weekends Over – Fight the “cold”

So the weekends over…Anyone watch the Oscar’s last night?  I had homework so I stayed up taking a test and ended up dreaming about math problems!  Or maybe I should say Nightmare!  No wonder my husband told me that I was grinding my teeth in my sleep!  I bet that wouldn’t happen if I had watched the Oscar’s!!!!

Anyone that enjoys Merlot – we tried this wine on Saturday night, and really enjoyed it.  It’s called Ravenswood.  I do not normally drink red wine, but my husband likes it more than white, so we are trying new wines to see if we can find one we both enjoy.  This was definitely a winner!!!!



I’m not as cheerful today as I may sound!  I think I am coming down with a cold and I was just telling my husband that I’m going to turn into a Vegetable because of all the veggies I eat these days!  I thought I had a very strong immune system so I’m putting it to the test this week!!  I won’t let it get the best of me, thats for sure!  I do not like taking any sort of meds, so I’m hoping that this cold will go away the “natural” way.  So here’s my strategy of fighting this cold:

  1. Stay hydrated – I’m going to make sure I continue to drink my 80-100 oz. of water today.
  2. Eat lots of fruits with vitamin C – I brought a huge tupperware of fruit (pineapple, kiwi, berries, cantalope)
  3. Drink at least 1 cup of green tea today (putting some honey in there would be ideal)
  4. Break a sweat for at least 20 minutes
  5. Take a hot steamy shower to relieve all the sinus “pressure”
  6. Keep a positive outlook on this cold – it will NOT take me down!

On a side note, we had dinner at my moms yesterday and it was great to lounge in comfy clothes!  Here’s some photo’s of the yummy fruit salad we had for dessert and of course a photo of me and my pup!  Have a great day!

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One Response to Weekends Over – Fight the “cold”

  1. agnesl says:

    Hiya! Hope you’re feeling better? I am cooped up in bed still, but in the meantime the snow is melting outside… Looks like might get to use the new shoes this weekend!

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