Help me! Still sick!

Quote of the week:  Bring your life to life: Stop Planning, Start Doing!  Ok, so yesterday I posted tips for getting rid of a cold – which so far have not helped!  I ate so much fruit during the day, broke a sweat, drank plenty of fluids, drank my green tea with HONEY, which may I add I am not a big fan of!  Still, today, I feel worse. 

My husband keeps telling me to take NyQuil or some sort of sinus medication and I refuse, call me stubborn, but how did people used to fight these colds back when all these pills didn’t exist???  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I rode my bike to work today, and I want to walk during lunch and hopefully run after work! I need to get through this!  Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated! 

On a lighter note, even with this cold, working out at the gym last night felt great!  I benched and did arms/abs!   Of course I did the eliptical (my best friend lately) and it was a success again!  I almost think I should not use it for a week so that I break up my routine a bit. 

I used to weigh myself daily to watch my progress be punished by seeing a bad number on the scale after a bad meal (what an eye opener!).  The phrase “the scale does not lie” is 100% true.  Once I reached my goal of 130lbs I stopped looking on a daily basis and now I look more on a weekly basis.  So this morning I weighed myself to see how I have been doing – still at 130.6!  Keepin the weight off, which feels amazing!  My clothing is actually starting to feel looser around the waist and arms which is probably from the weight lifting!  It’s amazing to see my body still transforming.  I think I may have to do an “after” after picture 🙂 

Remember, summer is approaching and unveiling our white as a ghost bellies isn’t going to be fun at all, but if we feel good underneath that white skin, it’ll make it SO much better!  I hope everyone has a healthy and happy day!

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