Almost over the hill…

I’ve decided to give myself restrictions of some sort as to what I write on the blog to eliminate some of my random thoughts!  Last week I mentioned that keeping yourself hydrated was very important for several different reasons.  I hope everyone’s been staying hydrated!!!  If you have, I’d love to hear about it! 

One of the biggest strategies I use in maintaining my weight is portion size.  Honestly, its hard!  I used to use a regular size dinner plate – it’s huge!  Notice how you go shopping for dinner plates and all you find are fancy pretty ENORMOUS size plates!  You can literally fit an entire spiral ham on one of my plates……..

So, I am an eye eater.  I definitely like to see my plate filled with food, I like to see that I am eating a good size PORTION.  To solve my problem and continue my new lifestyle change, I have now been eating with a salad/appetizer plate.  It’s significantly smaller as you can see by the picture, but it really works.  I can easily fit a 4-5oz piece of chicken, and some veggies or carb on the side.  In my picture, I think the chicken breast is 7oz – but you get the idea! 

I cannot emphasize enough that you need to look at portion sizes.  I am realllly eating just what I need and I really am satisfied.  Whenever I get a craving for more food I just ask myself “Am I really hungry?”  Stuffing yourself is one of the worst things for you.  Who feels good after stuffing themselves?  You feel lazy and tired.  Being satisfied is the way to go!

Last night I made Chili – thought I’d share a yummy photo with you.  I’ve been sick as you know, and I’m trying to get all the vitamins possible into my body!  Beans, Protein, Veggies, Vitamins, you name it!  Chili is my favorite meal when it comes to eating well!  Have a great day! 

p.s.  I am feeling a little better…still eating oranges and kiwi’s!!!

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2 Responses to Almost over the hill…

  1. Jamie says:

    That is a great idea! I’ve been telling my wife that and she never listens to me? You must be the kind of women who really puts to use what other people tell you.

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