Seventh Heaven

Good Morning &  Happy Friday!

As I’ve mentioned all week – I’ve been sick…well here’s an update, I’m still sick!  I finally took one of the 12 hour cold/sinus pills last night because the cold just wasn’t getting any better.  Maybe if I didn’t have a packed full weekend of seeing friends I would have been able to stick through it – but I couldn’t risk it!

Last night my motivation level was extremely low. There was a light rain and I was trying to talk myself out of working out.  But it was my running day and I have 7 weeks left until the race.  So I mapped out a 7 mile route using and left the house with my iPod.  Why is it that the first mile is always the hardest mile to get through?  There were so many times I contemplated on turning around and walking home.  I didn’t – I told myself, this will make me stronger.  Half way through my route I hit Eastern Point, which if you are from Gloucester you know of the area.  During sunset it was beautiful.  I tried taking some photos with my cell phone but everything came out blurry, so I searched the web to give you an idea of what I saw.  Amazing.  That was all I needed to push through.  I completed the 7 miles and I honestly think my heart could have gone further, but with my cold I figured I shouldn’t push my luck.  It was bad enough I was outside in the rain running.  Completely worth it!  Here are my stats per my Polarfit watch:

Distance Duration Calories Burned % of Fat Burned AVG Heart Rate AVG Speed

7 Miles

01:10:33 796 25% 176/minute

5.8 mph

Needless to say I thought I did pretty well!  I got home and stretched for an hour and I feel great today!  Besides the cold anyway…

Its Friday and I’m happy that the weekend is here.  We have a fun packed weekend which I’m sure I’ll update on at some point this weekend or first thing Monday.  So far today I’ve had my yogurt with fruit in my Red Sox cap bowl – I don’t have much of an appetite in the morning, but I gotta get that metabolism going!  I’m lactose intolerant so I try to add more fruit and less yogurt. 

Enjoy your Friday, enjoy your weekend, do something healthy for yourself this weekend, but definitely indulge!!!

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