High Cholesterol? Really?

Happy Monday Everyone!

As I wrote in my first post “Introduction” I have lost 30 lbs – Well I had a health screening last week and got the results back today.  I went in a confident 25 year old that was thinking, hmm there isn’t too much more that I can change about my lifestyle except for my “treats” that I feel come well deserved.  Think again…

Results are in:  Good news: Blood pressure is 100/78 (120/80 “normal”).  No diabetes, Glucose 101, Resting heart rate of 80.  Bad news:  I have high cholesterol!  How does that happen?  The healthy range is between 40-50 mg/Dl and the ideal range is 60 mg/dL.  My score fell at 84 mg/dL.  I remember my mother telling me at one point that it runs in the family – but my goal, lowering my cholesterol.  The test also told me that the “ideal” range of a 25 year old woman’s body fat should range between 10.0 – 22.0.  I fall in at 24.0.  So to fall between the “average” range, I need to lose 4lbs of body fat.  Really? 

Goals:  Lowering my cholesterol is definitely on the top of my list.  I heard through a friend that Cherrio’s really work.  I’ll have to try that out.  The doctor suggested getting rid of high saturated fats – which I don’t think I eat often, but I will have to pay more attention.  I felt that eating wise, since I cooked at home at least 5 nights a week that I was on the right track – Being healthy is just a work in progress.  As far as the weight range – I feel great, and I will not stress about those 4 lbs.  If it happens it happens but my main concern is that I maintain my weight now and I continue to exercise and eat healthy. 

In case you’re wondering, this screening was optional and my idea to take.  I am very happy that I volunteered to be part of this screening at work.  I hope that overall it motivates people to make small changes in their life to improve their healthy lifestyle. 

I hope your work week is off to a great start!  It’s Monday, rainy, with the time change, the only thing I feel like doing is laying on the couch and watching TV…anyone else agree?  Maybe thats why my cholesterol is high?  🙂

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3 Responses to High Cholesterol? Really?

  1. My husband had high cholesterol when he was 26. I was shocked, but it also runs in his family. After 6 months of us really focusing on his food–cutting saturated fats from butter, red meat, and junk food–and exercising more, it was back in normal range. His father had 5 bypass heart surgery at 50-something, so I’m pretty big on keeping him from the same fate. He also had low HDL cholesterol, which is the good kind, so we tried to raise that by getting more healthy fats from olive oil. HDL cholesterol counteracts some of the bad stuff LDL does, so maybe that helped too. Good luck!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

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  3. jadeylangley says:

    I find it really hard to believe you have 24% body fat, really hard. Did your doctor tell you that?

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