Training Update – Nashville

Good Morning,

So 5 weeks from this Saturday is the Nashville Half Marathon.  I’m excited, discouraged, anxious, and tired – I want it to be here but clearly I’m not ready for 13.1 miles.  It’s going to be tough.  My St. Patty’s Day meal did not go as expected; instead I went to Five Guys, alone, for dinner since I was not in the mood for Corn Beef & Cabbage.  Not sure why, just wasn’t feelin it.  So after enjoying my burger and 3 beers I committed myself to getting up at 5:30 this morning and running 8 miles.  Did I do it you ask?  OH YES.  I tried talking myself out of it the entire time.  I even considered calling someone to come pick me up, but who would I call at 6:30 to pick me up?  ha, no one!  By mile 4, I realized I was feeling OK – but I was only half way.  By mile 5, I was like, less than half to go.  By mile 6 I was feeling OK again.  By mile 7 I wanted to cry and walk the rest of the way BUT it was 7:20AM and I needed to get home ASAP to get ready to be at work by 8AM.  SO, needless to say I finished 8 miles.  I got in the house and literally wanted to throw up.  Paced around the house trying to make sure that my my heart rate wouldn’t drop too quickly.  It must have, next thing you know I’m sipping Ginger Ale (which I very rarely ever have in my house) out of the liter bottle!  A couple sips later I was on the floor stretching for a total of 5 minutes before jumping in the shower and getting ready for work.  I have 2 blisters on my left foot, in the same spot I always get them.  Darn!  Oh well, right now I feel exhausted.  If I feel like this after 8 miles, how will I feel when I run 13.1?  I am currently refueling with yogurt, blueberries, water, and coffee!  Probably not the smartest or best combination right now, but its helping!  As negative as I might sound writing this, I hope that this really motivates someone to go running because in a couple hours, I will feel good, I will be happy I got up this morning, and I will be looking forward to my next run! 

Distance Duration Calories Burned % of Fat Burned AVG Heart Rate AVG Speed
8 Miles 1:18:23 887 25%   177/min    5.9 mph

On another note, Jamie wants to do date night – So I’m very excited to go see Alice in Wonderland tonight.  It will be nice to get out of the house and get dinner & a movie.  Maybe do some shopping 🙂

Happy Thursday everyone, I hope you are looking forward to the weekend!  It’s almost here and with this weather, it will be so nice! 

This week’s quote of the week:  When you can’t control the wind, adjust your sails.

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One Response to Training Update – Nashville

  1. Catherine says:

    8 miles is awesome! The day of the race is so thrilling – especially if you are there with the goal to have fun and to finish (those were my goals). The excitement of all those people with a common goal helped me get over my fears. Of course, up to the race I had no idea how exhilerating that day would be. Hang in there. Keep up the great training!

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