My Challenge: 25 in counting

So I woke up today motivated, inspired and determined.  I want a 4-pack!  Why shouldn’t I have one?  I’m taking food & work out ideas from Jillian Michael’s Making the Cut  and Madelyn H. Fernstrom’s The Runners DietIn Jillian’s book she labels out what should be eaten each day with Protein, Carbs, etc. and then she gives you “at home”‘ workouts.  Yes, some require equipment, but for the most part, you don’t need a gym.  In the Runner’s Diet, they do the same, but focus specifically on what a Runner should eat and workout.  Since I’m training for a Half Marathon, I figured I would incorporate the two and see what my results give me. 

I want her abs!  But being realistic, I’ll settle for visible muscle!

I measured myself this morning and I went to the gym during lunch

Today at the GYM:

  • 20 Minutes of high intensity Cardio – Cycling
  • 1 set, 3x Tricep exersize w/ 5 lb weight
  • 1 set, 3x Chest exersize w/40 lb bar
  • 10 real push ups (works tri’s & chest)
  • 1 minute of twist abs w/5 lb weight

I only had 30 minutes to work out in total.  AVG heart rate was 163 – 30% fat burned – 283 Calories burned.

The eating aspect of this Challenge will begin tomorrow.  I didn’t have time to prepare the proper lunches and I plan on having a healthy dinner, but I’m not sure if its incorporated into both books.  Stay tuned for some progess! 


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2 Responses to My Challenge: 25 in counting

  1. What do you use to track your calories during a gym workout? Do you use a heart monitor?

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