Thank God it’s FRIDAY!

If you have a few minutes, or 5, thats how long it’ll take you to read today’s post.  It’s very informational and so worth reading, so please – do take the time 🙂

Wednesday night I was one of several people that sat in on a workshop given by Dr. Stephen Franson.  I had no idea what to expect going into this workshop other than the topic was going to be Emotional Eating.  I know from my own past experiences I tend to eat whenever I am stressed, upset, anxious, etc…and that this workshop would be 100% beneficial to my life.

Among many exceptional points that I took home with me were that there are 3 things that every person needs in their life: Fuel (a well balanced nutrition), Oxygen (exercise & activity), Spark (your mind).  There’s no way to deny that these three things are important.  Your body needs healthy, natural foods to be consumed in order to survive.  Your body needs activity & exercise or muscle by muscle, bone by bone it will begin to deteriorate.  Your body needs your mind to know right from wrong, good from bad.  Dr. Franson continuously mentioned a bonfire throughout the workshop, referencing the three fundamentals, and without each one, you have no fire

Your moods and feelings are completely dependent on what you eat.  How do you feel after you eat French fries?  How do you feel after you eat a candy bar?  How do you feel after you eat a salad?  How do you feel after you eat a smoothie?  There are complete differences in your mood, energy level, and overall feelings about you.  You may go through a stage of guilt for eating the French fries, and you may go through a stage of pride when choosing a salad over those French fries.   Develop a method to help you avoid making more bad choices than good ones.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea when you feel that sweet tooth knocking.  It’ll keep you satisfied and it will distract you.  If you have a craving for something sweet, your body is telling you that it is missing a certain nutrient and there’s an emptiness.  Find out what that emptiness is.  Whether it be lack of essential nutrients or a date with your mate, there’s something you need other than food and chocolate cake will bring you in the opposite direct.

What and who do you surround yourself with?  As Dr. Franson puts it, what’s in your bucket?  Clearly if you have healthy friends, a healthy family, a healthy cupboard, a healthy fridge, a healthy working environment, etc – you would be living a healthy lifestyle.  Unfortunately, in the reality of things, there’s always a negative friend, a family member that always criticizes, a not so healthy snack in the cupboard or fridge, and a stressful career.  How do you eliminate a negative aspect to your “bucket”?  Somehow you need to.  Replace that negative with a positive and see how you feel.  Surround yourself with people that give you positive energy, because then you’ll be giving positive energy right back.  Replace those cookies with a bag of trail mix or fruit; replace that liter of soda with a gallon of water.  It’s possible…it just needs your action, your motivation, your inspiration, and you can do it.    

Where does your emotional eating begin?  Dr. Franson stated that while we are in the womb, we feel the emotions of our mothers.  If they are stressed and eating under those circumstances then we will have that emotional imbalance.  If the mother is in a life and death situation for some reason or striving to survive, her body is storing fat.  The child will feel that imbalance.  So now it comes down to the fact, its not only what our parents cooked us for dinner, bought us for snacks, where they took us to dinner, etc…it’s how they took care of themselves while we were a little seed.  This is definitely something I will think about every day, whether I am prego or not!

After the workshop was over, I was motivated, inspired, and yet overwhelmed with everything he spoke about.  As I drove home I started to think about “my bonfire” and where it has brought me to today.  Last year I told myself that I wanted to say 10 years from now that when I was 25 I was healthy, active, and successful.  I wanted to be able to say “At 25 I was the healthiest I’ve ever been!”  I look at that statement now in two ways.  I am currently 25 and yes I am the healthiest I have ever been; BUT I will be 26 next month and will continue to be healthier for many more years to come.  So in actuality, 24 was my starting point, 25 is my midway point, and the next few decades will be the healthiest of my life.  All of these thoughts, saying this out loud to my husband, just made me cry – happy tears of course.  Feeling the progress of watching my diet and exercising 3-4 times a week, that’s a lifestyle I created on my own, that’s a lifestyle I am proud of, that’s a lifestyle I intend to make better! 

Check out Dr. Franson’s blog, he has so many inspiring thoughts, so many great ideas – ultimately as he said it, you don’t need anymore information to show you how to “diet” – you need to find out what can help you make a LifeStyle change…

Happy Friday!  Thanks for reading!

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One Response to Thank God it’s FRIDAY!

  1. Lauren says:

    You are inspiring Judy…don’t ever lose your energy. ❤

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