Tempted Tuesday

I feel like I should write a book about why people should NOT deprive themselves of food!  I have been sticking to this Jillian/Runner’s World diet for the past 9 days and its been so hard.  Why is it that I don’t normally have crazy out of control want to cry cravings, but now that I am limiting myself to one dessert per week – all I want is chocolate!!!!!  I still allow myself 3 small dove dark chocolate treats per week…and still – I want to cry.  Chocolate and chips are the two things I’ve been dying for.  What good is a sandwich without any chips! 

Anyhow, I decided to post some workout pictures from Jillian’s book.  Now, let’s be honest, I am not the most photogenic person anyway – so don’t judge while viewing!  More importantly, check out the moves! 

Not sure about you, but push ups are my least favorite. I don't like the girly ones either so here's my strategy for leading up to real man ones.

Leaning against a piece of furniture, do 10 of these. Next week do 15. Eventually find something lower and eventually you'll be able to do 10 of the regular pushups!

Push ups:  Do 3 sets, 10 each – take about a 1 minute break in between.  This works your chest and triceps.  If 10 is too many, do 8, but make sure you’re working to your full potential! 

Try and keep your back straighter than what I show (move your bum closer to your hands).

This is great for your core also because you are trying to balance your legs on this ball!!









Bench Dips:  Or what I like to call, table dips!  Do 3 sets of 12 each.  Take a 1 minute break in between.  This works your tricep muscles. 

Your hands should be in line with your elbows. Straight up.

Sorry for the blurriness. Bring your arms up and together. The weights should almost touch when you bring your arms together.








 Dumbbell Fly:  This may feel awkward the first time, but once your feet are stabilized it’ll feel better.  Do 3 sets with 5 lbs in each hand, 15 reps (15 times for each set).  This works your chest muscles.

Make sure you keep your back straight. Don't hunch over. Find your form before you start the exercise.

Keep yourself balanced on the ball...I know its tough!


This is why it's called a "kickback" - you are kicking your arm back. You should feel your tricep muscle working each time you go back.

 Kickbacks:  Stabilize yourself on the ball before you begin the exercise.  Do 3 sets, 12 reps each.  By the 3rd set you should definitely feel it in your tricep muscle!

So these are a few of my Monday exercises thanks to Jillian Michaels.  You can do these at the gym if you don’t have a yoga ball at home.  I would definitely recommend investing in a yoga ball though…there are several different exercises that you can do for all different muscle groups.

Did you think I would forget to post my lunch & dinner from yesterday?  Veggie Wrap & Stir fry curry shrimp with lemon!  Delicious!

Chips are so much more exciting....not according to Jillian Michaels!!! Once I have my abs and buns of steel I'll thank her!

Steamed zucchini, squash, red peppers, green peppers, red onions & tomatoes!











For the stir fry….Basically choose veggies that you like, 1 TBS low sodium soy sauce, 1 TBS Olive Oil – place everything in the pan.  Cook for 4-5 minutes until veggies are soft.  I sauteed the shrimp in a different pan but then added some of the juices to the veggies for the curry flavor.  Add 1 cup of cooked brown rice…and…..20 minutes later (prep time included) you have yourself a healthy stir fry!

This picture only shows about 1 1/2 cup of food - which did not leave me too satisfied which is probably why I ate 1/2 of my peanut butter out of the jar last night!!!!

 Breakfast today was pretty lame – although I am VERY impressed that I had cereal AGAIN this week…I don’t like milk, and usually I only drink Soy Chocolate Milk! 

In my cereal, you ask?  Go Lean Cereal, 1/4 Cup chopped Strawberries, 1/4 Cup Blueberries, 1/4 Cup Low Fat Milk

Have a great day everyone!  It’s pooring out here today and I’m committed to running outside…should be pretty interesting!  Also on the agenda – Frog Kicks…come back tomorrow to find out what those are!  Thanks for visiting!

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2 Responses to Tempted Tuesday

  1. secasey says:

    Which Jillian Michaels diet are you doing? I did the “Making the Cut” diet to get rid of holiday weight last year… it was tough but effective!

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