Training Update & Thirsty Thursday!

Let me start off by saying Happy Thursday – its almost Friday!!  WOOT WOOT! 

Here’s the training update – Got up this morning at 5 AM to run because I have plans after work…and when you’re training for a half marathon, you find time to run!

Miles:  11.4       Duration:  1H51Min05Sec      Calories Burned:  1199      % Fat Burned:  25%     AVG Heart Rate:  173

Great workout!  My intent was to run 10 – so running 11.4 was great!  I am so proud of myself!!! 

Ok – so enough about working out…I know you want to know what I ate recently!  Cause its always so interesting right?

Yesterday for lunch I indulged in a fabulous panini at a local place called Sugar Mag’s.  They are only open for breakfast and lunch – but they have an amazing breakfast menu and an amazing lunch menu!  I got their special, Sugar Mag’s Panini…so delicious…wouldn’t you agree?

Chicken, Tomato, Arugala, on amazing bread...side dish - couscous 🙂

I’m sure that this sandwich wasn’t 100% approved per Jillian, but it had protein, veggies, and carbs 🙂

I was recently inspired by the blog Eat Clean Live Green’s lasagna.  It’s been a while since I made my lasagna and since I was running today, I figured I could use the carbs. 

I added:  Spinach, Red Peppers, Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Zucchini, and Summer Squash…YUM YUM

Stir fry them - no olive oil necessary - for about 4-5 minutes. Make sure you use a saucepan because you'll be adding sauce to these bad boys!

In trying to stick to this “challenge” as much as possible, wheat pasta is on the menu.  Again, wasn’t too pleased – it was $2.99 for a box, and I had to buy 2 boxes!  The regular pasta is $.99 for a box….BUT I was happy with the taste and flavor so I didn’t feel ripped off once I sat down to eat.  I had no time to make my homemade sauce since I went to the gym after work so I bought some…

I didn't boil the pasta, just added to the tray as normal.

Not very sweet...not sure if I'll buy again...

So I baked the lasagna for about 45 minutes, 30 minutes it was covered with aluminum foil, the other 15 was uncovered so the top could get nice and crispy….

I'm not an expert at taking lasagna out of the pan to make for a perfect photo yet....I'm trying! 🙂

It tasted as great as it looks.  Not sure how many calories were in the slice, but it was well deserved and considering it was wheat pasta with veggies, and a low cal sauce/cheese….It can’t get too much healthier than that! 

I started off my day on the right track…for the most part…I haven’t had a cup of coffeesince March 22nd – but today since I got up at 5AM…I indulged – I don’t add sugar to my coffee anyway, so its not that bad right?  But I had a very healthy, very delicious breakfast…

Wheat English Muffin, 1 TBS Peanut butter (unsalted), 1/2 banana...if that?

 So last week I didn’t indulge on my 1-2 alcoholic beverages….think Jillian would be OK if I roll them over for this week?  ha…I’ll just keep rolling them over until my birthday (April 13th)!  Ehhh on second thought, I’m meeting up with a lovely friend tonight – so I’m sure I’ll enjoy a drink, dinner, and then blog about it tomorrow!!!!

Have a great Thirsty Thursday – Do something great for yourself today!  Get a manicure, get a cappaccino, go out for lunch, go shopping…YOU deserve to treat yourself…YOU deserve to love yourself…YOU deserve to add treats to your lifestyle 🙂

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