Freaky Friday!

It’s here!  The sun, the weekend, the free time!  Could you ask for anything more?!?!

Last night I enjoyed a cocktail, OK I’ll admit…2 cocktails with Jade, also known as LowBrowStyle!  Check out her blog, you’ll love it!  Jade and I don’t get together nearly enough…the conversations that took place last night were #1 hysterical #2 inappropriate and #3 delicious! 

First off, as a new blogger I realized you must bring a camera everywhere you go…there is always going to be something you will want to take a picture of and blog about on your next post.  Even if no one reads it….please read me! 

Hanging out with my expert friend who was completely prepared with a camera and awesome outfit, I took some pics before of her awesome style before dinner even started!  We went to Elliot’s in Gloucester – you should definitely try their drinks and food if you ever go there…just beware of Trivia night on Thursdays…I think we may have insulted some people when we decided to talk over the microphone instead of play the game….is that not allowed?

And here's where the evening began...AMAZING drinks...


These were soooo good....

 Conversation level:  At this point we were still two mature adults catching up…

Honestly, go to Elliot's and try their scallops, pizza, bread, and drinks...they are all amazing!





Conversation level:  Starting to get silly, and quite possibly inappropriate…by the way…At what age do you start bringing your child to the dentist?  I don’t have a child and Jade’s beautiful bundle of joy is 1 – but it was a topic we covered…Anyone? 

I think some place between dinner and my 2nd cocktail I stood up and Jade asked “Judy, why are you standing up?”  I said “because I have to go pee….”  Jade:  “Oh hahaha…OK”  Believe it or not, we drank lots of water in between the cocktails!

As you can see - I ate all of the sugar on the rim, and a few sips before realizing that the lighting would be better for this drink! Still new at this blog picture stuff....I am thirsty and hungry and eat/drink before I have a chance to take the photo!

 Conversation level:  At this point, completely inappropriate ahaha…I love Jade’s moves in the back!

Notice the aluminum foil....


At this point in the night I was in love with this spoon because it made me feel like I could take "little" bites of the mousse on this small spoon - but it actually held tons of mousse on it!

 Conversation level:  I believe, if my memory serves me right, that at this point, Triva night had started, we had dug into the left over pizza that was wrapped in aluminum foil to take home, and ordered dessert…OH and Jade spiked my water with her dirty martini.  In my head all I could think of was…hmmmm my water is pretty salty – BUT I’ve had two martini’s at this point, so maybe I’m not a very good judge…BUT then Jade admits she spiked my drink!  hahah then it allllll made sense…

So…please check out Jade’s blog today & every day…she’s got the hottest clothing, such great ideas to change up a style and make it your own…and she’s an awesome writer.  I was in tears today reading her post!  So that concludes the evening of catching up…clearly we need to do this more often!! 

Have a great weekend everyone…maybe I’ll get around to posting an update – but don’t take it the wrong way if I don’t – it’s supposed to be 80 degrees and living in New England, when you hear a weather report like that you take advantage of it.  Til next time 🙂

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3 Responses to Freaky Friday!

  1. Erin says:

    I’m the same way with taking pictures. I am so excited to eat my food that I always eat half of it before I remember to take the picture. If you look at a lot of my pictures, they are half eaten already. haha oops!

  2. Sounds like a fun evening! 🙂 The food looks great!

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