Excuses BUG me…

I am someone that strongly believes you can’t change someone’s mind about losing weight until they 100% believe in themselves and take the first step. After that it’s up to their friends to encourage them and help them realize that they are making progress and to be patient and for them to continue to want to lose weight. Losing 5 lbs is easy, keeping it off is hard. There weren’t many things that I do now that are completely different than what I used to do regularly. Such as, exercise – I thought I could work out for 2 months, take 2 off. Especially when summer time came I thought I would just workout outside. Did it happen? Nope! I didn’t have the drive, motivation, or any inspiration in myself to do it. I still don’t trust myself 100% to put my gym membership on hold for a month of two because I’m worried that not having a place to go workout, even if I do end up going outside more often than not, that I will fall off this lifelong wagon and gain some weight back. Quite honestly, a huge fear I have is that when I get pregnant, those 30lbs are coming back…it has to. Physically there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to lose that weight once the baby is here…mentally I’m insecure and I hope and pray I don’t overeat during pregnancy and gain 60lbs instead of 30lbs. I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I actually get prego…

It’s hard to find time to work out, but everyone can dedicate at least 20 minutes of their day to being active. Wake up 20 minutes before work, you won’t feel the loss of those 20 minutes. Do jumping jacks, sit ups, pushups, squats, and jog in place for 20 minutes in your bedroom. It’s all possible, but are you determined? It’s tough to get yourself going and by no means should you work out every day. Your muscles need rest, your body needs rest and you should just be able to wake up at least one day a week and say – yessssss I don’t have to work out today!

In case you’re wondering…my biggest pet peeve? Making up an excuse for not eating “healthy” or working out. If you’re at a restaurant and want to indulge, then do it! Don’t say, wellllll it was $15 for a salad and $18 for the fried dinner…Just admit that you didn’t want to eat the salad and you wanted to indulge.  Just try to balance your life out evenly with a workout, eating healthy, and indulge.

Of course things come up in everyone’s lives and a work out doesn’t always fit into your schedule. The part everyone should be aware of is when you do have plans after work – maybe you should consider getting up early enough to workout. If its important to you, you’ll do it and you’ll get through it…just do it!

Stay tuned – I may post again tonight what I’ve had so far to eat today. I indulged this morning on ½ wheat bagel with reduced fat veggie cream cheese….I’m back to my coffee binge…I can’t neglect myself of my daily coffee! Considering its almost black coffee, its not that bad, right? Lunch was pretty lame, wasa cracker, unsalted peanut butter, wheat English muffin with unsalted peanut butter topped with blueberries and strawberries. Tasted freakin great!

It’s 80 degrees today…Thanks to some facebook messages that convinced to me ride my bike to work today – I felt like a puppy with its head out the window!

Have a great day…maybe some pictures will arrive later.

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2 Responses to Excuses BUG me…

  1. jadeylangley says:

    My current excuse is I don’t want to leave Harper at the gym, but then I get my second excuse of “well I want to spend time with doug when he gets home” or “I got to shower once today, I am not going to get that chance again!” good thing its good running weather!

    • Those are legit excuses…you have a baby and a hubby that you want to spend time with. Jade you are soooo the exception. You’re a mom, a wife, a student, and you work….in your lifestyle you manage your eating habits SO WELL…thats how you stay a hot mom! 🙂

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