Bit more Positive

In an effort to be a bit more positive today rather than “harsh” like yesterdays post, I’ve got a couple things to complain about and then a few things I’m so thrilled about. 

Complaints first!  During Saturday’s shopping trip to the outlets, we went to UnderArmour who I am usually a HUGE fan of.  I bought these two shirts thinking that they would fit great and be so comfy.  I was wrong…

I got a SM in black and a MD in Hot Pink. I only wore the Hot Pink one so far...but it was too sweaty to photograph.

So since I only wore the Pink shirt, which was a MD, I’m not sure if the SM will fit better.  2 minutes into my run my stomach was hanging out and I ended up having to tuck in the shirt in my spandex…How cute!  ehhh not really If the SM fits better I’ll be sure to take back this complaint in a future post!

So this morning I went for one of the most brutal runs I’ve ever had.  My feet hurt today like you wouldn’t believe…my toes feel broken, I have blisters everywhere…ughh I’m starting to think that my feet will never recover and that maybe this race wasn’t the smartest idea!  Ok, enough negativity on the running – Here are the facts thanks to Polar:

**12 Miles – Time: 1H54M51S – Calories: 1289 burned – % of Fat: 25% burned – AVG heart rate: 173**

I’ve been told that there are energy supplements that you can take during your run to help you keep up the pace and the endurance level.  So I decided to try the Gu Chomps.  One serving is 4 pieces, so I tried 2 – I wasn’t in need of them so I figured why take 4.  They did not help or make a difference.  I kept the same pace, my heart rate remained the same for 25 minutes after.  Has anyone else tried them and seen any results?  Needless to say I’m beating my 10 minute mile goal for the half marathon, so I’m pretty excited about that.

Onto food & done with complaints! 

I decided to indulge yesterday morning with a 1/2 a wheat bagel from Jim’s Bagel Shoppe (it was Wednesday and a co-worker brought them in…yummy).  I had 1 TBS of reduced fat veggie cream cheese…It was soooo good.

For lunch I had a wheat english muffin with 1 TBS of unsalted peanut butter…I can’t wait until this unsalted peanut butter jar is empty!!!  Although I’m getting used to it.  On the side I had a Wasa cracker with 1/2 TBS of PB and topped both with fresh berries.  Very filling, very flavorable, very awesome!

Last night we had dinner at my moms since she’s leaving for Aruba tomorrow morning…so jealous!  They made burgers on the grill and I topped mine with Mushrooms, Onions, Tomato, Lettuce, and Cheese!  So good!  Sorry, I ate it and I don’t have a pic to share!  I was starving!  BUT, I did try a clam cake from the best place in the entire area; The Clam Box!

As you can see, I started eating it before taking a pic...sorrrrryyyyy

Its Thursday and I am so thrilled that the weekend is almost here!  I can almost taste the weekend…1 more full week of work and then I’m on vacation and off to Tennessee to visit some fabulous friends!  Have a great day, make the best of it!  Not sure what your forecast is, but here in MA its beautiful!  Who knows how long it will last!!!

Today’s quote:  There are three values:  Feel good, be good, and do good.





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3 Responses to Bit more Positive

  1. Suzanne says:

    I always take a gel in all of my runs over 7 miles. When running a distance like that, your body needs those excess carbs. Halfway through a half marathon I’d take one gel with 8 oz of water, or you could just drink some gatorade instead. I also sometimes just mix honey into my water and drink that. Either way, it’s not healthy to run that distance without some kind of help. You’ll feel a lot better afterwards, and your time will greatly improve, if you get some sugar in your system during your run.

  2. agnesl says:

    oh your poor feet! im sure you already know of the adidas padded running socks, but if you haven’t tried them yet do. never a blister!

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