How to NOT bake a cake…

So my big 26th Birthday is approaching and last day/night was filled with good food and some good friends.

Poor fella's - My dad is in the Seafood business and gets lobsters somewhat regularly...They were tasty!

I love Lobster sandwiches so I kept MAYO out of it, added celery and lettuce on wheat bread. DELICIOUS!

You can’t have a birthday without some sort of dessert/cake.  I have never made a cake from scratch before in my life, but since I thought it would be simple enough to buy ingredients and follow directions, I figured the outcome would be simple and I’d have a delicious cake.  Well…lets just say third times a charm…

Attempt #1 - They are supposed to be chocolate colored, but they did not end up that I took a chance and decided to bake them and see if they tasted good...they were AWFUL!

Attempt #2 - First off this is what it looks like after being in the oven for 30 minutes. Second, I forgot to split the batter in half, and the cake did not rise. Sometimes looks aren't all that matter but this also tasted AWFUL!

Third and Final Attempt - Looks like cake, tastes like cake! YIPPEE

Of course I made the frosting from scratch, and that was the easiest part. A little bit of food coloring and some patience later - here's the finished product!

Needless to say, I am glad I didn’t quit my day job to become a baker…I will never take a piece of cake for granted!  Bakers have to put a lot of love, time, effort patience, and of course TALENT into making a cake!

My ladies! We needed a 2010 pic of the three of us...

A low key night ended with my hubby thinking scotch on the rocks was a good idea.  I bet today he wishes he did not drink that scotch!  ha!  Who’s birthday celebration was it? Anyhow, it was a sit down casual dinner with my 2 bests and their hubby’s…oh and and Harpster!  We made Turkey Burgers w/Jalepeno’s, Pepper Jack Cheese, Wheat buns – a stir fry veggie side, with a green salad…simple and tasty and of course healthy!

Dinner table set up! Definitely not Martha Stewart style...but it worked!

The evening was perfect! After several glasses of wine, we were do P90X in the kitchen with Frog hops, and intense burpies – who knew that when you drink you get better at doing random workouts.  Although the skier move I still do not understand, but I’ll figure out a way to work it out!

Onto the Health & Fitness aspect of the blog – here are the new sneaks, the blister I was debating on posting about, and today’s lunch.

Not so lady like, but if I am to show this blister to anyone, might as well be to strangers that read my blog, right? It looks better today, but it hurts soooo bad! Wearing shoes is a current challenge!

Very comfy...almost broken in...2 weeks until the race!

Turkey, Cheese, Bacon, lettuce, tomato w/70 calorie pack chips! I wanted something fried and sooo bad for lunch to cure this slight hangover I'm rockin today, but we went for a somewhat healthier alternative...

Cadburry Egg Latte...need I say more?

And its Sunday, tomorrow starts the work week alllll over again.  I will probably be sitting on the couch or here at the local cafe doing homework for the next 7 days straight.  My goal is to leave MA on Friday without having to do any homework once I hit TN.  I want to be on vacation and not think about work or school.  We’ll see how it goes…

How am I going to work out with this blister on my foot, what am I planning for dinners this week, it’s going to be busy, and I’m going to be testing myself….Stay tuned!

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