Tofu 4 U?

Ok first off…I leave for TN tomorrow night and there’s still so much to do – YIKES!

Today’s updated list of things to do:

  • Be 100% packed
  • Be 50% pack
  • Get my hair done
  • Get some toiletries
  • Renew my lisence
  • Go Shopping
  • Finish next week’s homework
  • Workout Monday
  • Workout Tuesday
  • Workout Wednesday – Failed
  • Workout Thursday
  • Workout Friday
  • Make a health concious dinner every night…so far so good…picture to follow
  • Be caught up at work
  • Buy GPS
  • Get directions 
  • Grab snacks for the 16 hour car ride down
  •  Make Anniversary dinner reservations for Nashville
  • Get a manicure
  • Finish laundry
  • Watch Army Wives!
  • Go to Post Office & hold mail

As you can see, I remembered last night I need to have the post office hold my mail while we are away.  I feel like its not a huge inconvenience for someone to come by & pick it up, but what’s the big deal about me just having them hold it for me?  Doesn’t it help everyone out that way?

Anyway, last nights list was pretty great.  I went to the registry and renewed my license & got my GPS in less than 15 minutes.  I love when things are that convenient!  I got some casual clothing to wear on our trip (Pictures to follow next week I’m sure!)  Forever 21 & H&M didn’t really have much stuff to choose from that stood out to me, so it was more of the basics…ehhh can’t win them all when you’re shopping!

Dinner was delicious!  I tried Tofu for the first time!  Since I became a “blogger” (almost wrote booger ha) I have seen tons of blogs that feature tofu dinners.  Quite honestly I was pretty nervous but since we went to PF Changs I felt like this would be the best opportunity to try it out!

This drink was called Tangier. Pretty delicious I must say!

Don't remember the name of this drink, but it tasted delicious!



No, I did not drink these both, one was for meee and one was for Heather 🙂

I love calamari! This was the salt & pepper good!

These were probably one of the best noodles I've had! That is cucumber which gave a light and cool flavor with the noodles. Great combination!

Last but not least, Tofu (vegetarian) lettuce wraps! They were so good!

 What is Tofu made of?  I’m afraid to google because there could be infinite answers!  I’m glad I tried it and I can honestly thank all the other bloggers that have made Tofu for exposing me to this – and of course my dear friend Heather!! 

 So apparently the mall closes early…we had to walk alllllll around the mall last night to get back to my car.  How convenient, right? 

This picture doesn't do any justice for this was sooo pretty last night!

And we are still walking...ha, thats not my car - we still had a 10 minute walk!

Well since I didn’t “workout” yesterday at least I got a nice long walk around the mall!  Tonight should be a bit more relaxing at home…NOT – you see my list of things to do…

Tomorrow night is the big moment of truth, we drive down to TN and hopefully we’ll have everything packed and everything completed!  Have a great day & stay tuned!


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3 Responses to Tofu 4 U?

  1. Erin says:

    I still haven’t tried tofo either. Just the name of it alone scares me!

    • The concept of Tofu is definitely “different” to say it in a polite way. I figured if I was going to try it, an oriental dish would be the way to go with some yummy seasonings.

  2. That’s a nice big long “to do” list you’ve got there. =)

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