Road Trip Preparation!

Ok, So I think I’m officially ready to leave MA and head to TN – YIPPEEEE

Today’s updated list of things to do:

  • Be 100% packed
  • Be 50% pack
  • Get my hair done
  • Get some toiletries
  • Renew my lisence
  • Go Shopping
  • Finish next week’s homework – Failed
  • Workout Monday
  • Workout Tuesday
  • Workout Wednesday – Failed
  • Workout Thursday – Failed
  • Workout Friday – Failed
  • Make a health concious dinner every night…so far so good…picture to follow
  • Be caught up at work
  • Buy GPS
  • Get directions 
  • Grab snacks for the 16 hour car ride down
  •  Make Anniversary dinner reservations for Nashville
  • Get a manicure
  • Finish laundry
  • Watch Army Wives!
  • Go to Post Office & hold mail

So although the only thing I wasn’t able to get done was the homework, I guess thats the benefit of having a long car ride…I can get all my homework done on the ride and post it online tomorrow.  I guess it could be worse.  I feel sort of guilty about not working out, but glad that if I was to “slack” any week, it was this one with everything going on.

Of course, as usual, here is last nights dinner and today’s lunch…

Cucumbers, Tomatoes, bacon, Cheese...yum yum - of course some ketchup & spicy mustard were included!

Getting rid of what we had in our fridge/pantry - burger meat, veggies, potatoes.


 I found this hamburger bun which was the Stop and Shop brand and its only 90 calories! 

How great is that!!!

Probably not the "healthiest" thing I could have gotten, but I am in a Southern Fried mood.

 So of course there aren’t that many healthy options when going on a road trip…I prepared some snacks that will definitely help us out!

Carrots, Celery, String Cheese

 Inside a zippered bag (so our little puglet doesn’t get to it 🙂 )

English Muffins, Bananas & Peanut Butter

Mixed nuts with some M&M

These are unsalted & Fat free - 35 calories each!

Hubby's favorite snack...

 Since we are doing most of the driving to TN at night, I don’t see us getting that hungry, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared!  Have a great weekend and I’ll try to post as often as I can!  The race is in 1 week and I’m excited, nervous, anxious, scared, overwhelmed, filled with regret, happy I’m a risk taker…the list goes on!  Stay tuned!

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