Hump-ish Day!

I just wanted to check in with everyone – thanks for following me this week even though I haven’t been able to post every day!

We are having an amazing time so far!

This morning I went for a 4.5 mile run with my friend Hannah who we are staying with.  Here are the stats:

34 minutes – 4.5 miles – 419 cal. burned – 20% fat burned – AVG heart rate 178 – pace was 8:30 per mile

I have been pretty nervous the entire time we’ve been down here because of the hills and the climate change, but todays run definitely gave me the confidence I needed to get through Saturday!  I’m pumped for the race!  I found out we each get a metal for completing the race which is pretty cool.

I’ve been weighing myself every couple of days since I’ve been down here and so far so good.  No weight gained.  I guess it helps to be working out while on vacation.  We had turkey last night for dinner with brussel sprouts.  I had never tried them before, and they were really good.  I don’t have any photos of the food because I’m still eating it before I remember I need a photo!  Sorryyyyyy

I’ll touch back again hopefully before the race, but if not – be sure to check with me on Monday/Tuesday because I’ll have LOTS to chat about with the race!

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4 Responses to Hump-ish Day!

  1. jadeylangley says:

    I miss you! What does 20% fat burned mean?

  2. Erin says:

    4.5 miles in 34 min!?! That’s awesome! Good work.

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