Interesting Horses!

Ok, so when driving down to TN we saw TONS of cattle and farm life unlike what I am used to seeing.  It was beautiful!  Most views we saw were literally so beautiful that I wanted to take pictures as I was driving on the highway.  I don’t usually eat red meat, maybe once every couple of weeks.  I still prefer ground beef when it comes to a burger, but turkey/chicken burgers are just fine too.  Unintentionally I changed my diet over the past 6 months and red meat just isn’t included as often.  Quite honestly, when I do eat red meat, its usually at my mothers house.  Anyhow, after this trip, I almost didn’t want to eat cows ever again, they were everywhere and they were so cute.  I want a cow (must be white with black spots!).

Horse #1….have you ever seen a pregnant horse?

This horse from behind you could CLEARLY see that she was carrying a baby 🙂 So cute, she was just walking along the road, so cute!

I wish we could have seen the baby be born, it would have been the ULTIMATE experience 🙂 But, we had no idea when all the action was going to happen, and we didn’t quite want to follow the horse around and invade her space.

Horse #2….Have you ever seen a horse urinating?

Lucky for you, I did not take any pictures…the expression “hung like a horse” is definitely perfect!  We were driving on the highway on the way to Elk Falls in North Carolina and as I was enjoying the scenery, I saw this stiff thing hanging from a horse.  IT WAS HUGE….ok, maybe I’m acting a bit immature, but this thing was enormous!!!!!

Hannah got a kick out of it…I literally had to ask her “Did you just see that!!!”  I thought I was going crazy.  I mean, obviously horses need their “material” to reproduce, but I would not want to reproduce with that guy!

As you can see, posts this week probably won’t have much to do with Fitness or Food – but they will have tons to do with LOOKS 🙂  Today’s looks were narrowed down to Horses and Cows!

Have a great day!!!  It’s almost FRIDAY!  YIPPEEEEE

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2 Responses to Interesting Horses!

  1. Hannah Jenkins says:

    You are so funny!!!

  2. Husband says:

    Lucky for me you don’t want to reproduce with a horse! Lol

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