Ok – SO I’ve been one of the worst blogggggers in the world…but I’M BACKKKK

Thank you to all my followers 🙂

So I haven’t done as much working out lately as I’d like, 1-2 times per week…burning about 500 calories per week…Could totally be better but you know what, sometimes your body just neeeeds a break.  I’ve given it enough of a break, so I am back in the game of working out and eating well.  The bright-side out of all of this is that I’m only up about 2 pounds which isn’t anything to complain about!

So what’s your favorite bra? I have bought bra’s at BJ’s wholesale, Victoria Secret, and a number of sporting goods stores.  I finally found this bra from GapBody.  It’s the best bra I have ever bought and used working out!  I definitely recommend purchasing it, unless of course you maybe have D cup boobs…I have A-B and I’ve had B-C in my chubbier days, but never experienced anything bigger so I can’t speak otherwise.  Definitely give it a try – let me know!

FYI - This is not me modeling the bra! 🙂

Summer is here, get out and enjoy the nice weather – Hopefully its nice this weekend but if not, I’m hoping to get plenty of reading, working out, and berry picking in.

Stay tuned, Judy’s Fitness4Looks is back in action!

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