Feb Fever Got you?

Hi everyone!

I know it’s been a long time since I last wrote.  I definitely can’t say I have been an angel and I honestly can say that I sort of felt guilty not blogging!  I have no idea who reads this, but this is the best outlet to just talk about food/fitness/life!

Anyone ever use the xbox kinect – Biggest Loser video?  I am seriously obsessed!  You can create you own Avatar, which is neat, and then you do all different kinds of workouts.  The beauty is that you don’t just do a video, you actually do the same sort of workouts that you see on the show!  Obviously its different because you are in your living room versus being on the ranch – but it definitely makes the entire workout much more interesting than the regular DVD’s I’m used to!

So over the past few months, I’ve been keeping busy…Work’s been busy and family stuff has kept me busy!  We went to NYC over Thanksgiving and it was AMAZING!!  I have never been – which is why I realllly wanted to go!

2010 Thanksgiving

Well, I hope to say that this is me back in action on the blog!  I missed coming on here, and sharing new recipes and workouts!  I went through my cookbooks today and found some new stuff that I can’t wait to share!!!

See you soon!!!

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