8 Weeks Left to Train!

Here’s another old post that was never published!!  Happy Reading 🙂

I’m a huge fan of quotes, quote of the week “Be YOUR own health advocate”

So Monday’s are always difficult to start the week off on the right track.  I was supposed to get up at 5AM this morning to go workout, but instead with the rain/snow I decided to stay in bed.  Knowing that I only have 8 weeks left to train for the Nashville Half Marathon gave me the motivation for me to go after work.  The bike wasn’t doing it for me today, so I did the elliptical for the first time in almost two years!  I completely forgot how good of a workout it really is!  My heart rate was at 175 beats per minute for 25 minutes, and I got a great workout!  Today’s workout gave me the motivation that I needed for the rest of the week!  I’m looking forward to running about 15 miles this week, WISH ME LUCK!  Hopefully you’ll keep coming and checking on me 🙂

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