Happy Veteran’s Day!

Happy Veteran’s Day and also Happy Friday

I was really touched this morning when listening to Matty in the Morning’s radio segment called Right Now.  A listener called in to say that her husband will be starting his return home today from Iraq and is expected to be home on Thankgiving Eve.  She hasn’t seen him in a year and they got married two months before his deployment.  What a fabulous gift during the holiday season!!!  I’m very thankful to be able to see my husband every night – I can’t imagine going a full year without seeing him!  I have so much respect to all those families that are so strong 365 days of the year and for the sacrifice not only the men and women fighting for our freedom, but for the families that support them with so much love!  So from me to all the soldiers that protect my families freedom, THANK YOU!

Ok, so I don’t really have any fun plans yet for the weekend BUT that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any fun in store!  It’s the weekend and let’s be honest, whether you’re home sitting on your couch or you’re out with some fabulous friends – if you’re not at work, then you’re very pleased!

I’ve recently discovered Wallaby Yogurt.  I used to only eat Light & Fit Yogurt, which I am really a huge fan of, especially because its only 60 calories, but wanted to try an organic brand to compare.   When comparing the two, they are both delicious and therefore I will continue to eat both.  I think I will use L&F for smoothie’s to keep the calories down and Wallaby when I want to eat the entire container for breakfast (like today!).  My onlyyyy complaint, which is honestly a minor one, is that each Wallaby Yogurt (Link is to their blog) is about 140 calories.  That’s not “a lot” but considering the L&F one is only 60 calories, it makes a huge difference to my daily routine!

Today’s breakfast = Strawberries & Cream Wallaby Yogurt with a Banana!

(I ate the Berries & Cream for breakfast yesterday)

Either way, Wallaby has a great product and if you haven’t already tried it, I highly recommend doing so!  I also bought Cascadian Farm frozen fruit for my weekly smoothie’s!  I usually buy the fresh veggies but quite honestly when they are not in season, I feel pretty guilty blending up fresh berries when they can be expensive!  Therefore, during the winter months, frozen is my way to save money at the grocery stores.

So today is my rest day which I’m pretty pleased about!  Last night the hubby and I threw our medicine ball to one another while doing a squat also, 50 squats later, I did 100 jumping jacks AND I ran up and down my 2 flights of stairs 10 times…..why buy a stair master or a stepper if you have stairs in your house?? 

Workout tip of the week:  Use your stairs for more than just going from room to room in your house!  The outcome – a great back side and a great cardio workout!

Have you ever used a piece of furniture to “assist” you in your daily workout?

Have a fabulous weekend!  Do you have a fun workout planned?  I doooo I dooooo, look for it on Monday’s post 🙂

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One Response to Happy Veteran’s Day!

  1. I love frozen, organic berries for smoothies. I always have a big bag in the freezer along with banana slices that I freeze myself.

    I hope to take a barre class this weekend, but I don’t have any other fun workouts planned! Enjoy yours! 🙂

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