Cranberry & Almond – ohhh so good!

Happy Friday!!!  What a long week!!!  I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about work last night and started panicking because I had so much to do first thing this morning.

Today’s lunch is pretty simple and nothing to brag about, except for this Glenny’s Cranberry & Almond Bar.   They were on sale at Stop and Shop and figured I would try the brand.  They are Gluten Free, dairy free, and all natural, which is always a plus!   I was a little disappointed in the size, but once I took a bite I realized there was absolutely nothing to complain about!

I’m pretty excited about getting out of work today and starting the weekend! I am going bridesmaid dress shopping for one of my very good friends’ wedding tonight. There are 6 of us girls in the bridal party and then of course the beautiful bride!!! Then, I get to wake up super early and begin a nice weekend getaway with the hubby in New Hampshire. We are going to go hike Mt. Chocorua for the first time. We did Mt. Washington a while ago and this time we wanted to do something a little less extravagant and bring out beautiful puppy with us! We’ll see if she can keep up!

Stay tuned for Sunday nights post – I should have tons to blog about!

Do you guys have any fun plans for the weekend?  Are you doing anything actively fun, or just fun with friends in general??

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One Response to Cranberry & Almond – ohhh so good!

  1. Hope you had fun shopping for bridesmaid dresses and hiking Mt. Chocorua!

    Have a great week!

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