About Me

If you’re new to my blog, well then Welcome!  If you have been a follower from the beginning, then I’d like to say Thank you for showing interest in my blog!

I am 27 years young, which I like to call my mid twenties and no where near 30!!!  I’ve been married for almost 4 years to an amazing person who motivates and inspires me every day!

The idea of blogging and putting ones thoughts out on the World Wide Web seemed extremely intimidating at first, especially when a photo of yourself is in a bikini – now that was a scary moment!  Little did I know that I was entering a very interesting and influential community with so many different individuals who seem to have common goals – providing others with information!  Regardless of the type of blog the author has either cooked something new, bought something new, discovered a new product, trying to complete a particular goal, and the list continues!

The creation of Fitness4Looks was first started to keep myself motivated in losing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Balance is the key to everything in life.  Now I’d like to enjoy that balance with all of YOU!  My goal is to assist you in eating healthier and tasteful dishes, occasionally indulge, and learn how to burn those calories off in possibly an unconventional way.

I hope you enjoy Fitness4Looks as much as I do 🙂


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