Classic Wrap & Chips

I very rarely eat wraps/sandwiches for lunch unless I go out for lunch.  I don’t eat deli meat that often since I try to cut out processed meats, and I LOVE cheese but since I’m lactose intolerant and usually eat yogurt – and who knows about dinner when planning lunch the night before, I try not to eat them too often. 

Well last night I made the following:

1 half Lavash Wrap – 50 calories

1 TBS Mustard – 10 calories

2 Slices Thin & Trim Turkey Breast – 70 calories

1 Slice Sargento Provolone Cheese – 70 calories

A few slices of orange peppers, red peppers, red onions, and Spinach!

Also, as a must have when eating a wrap – my Cape Cod Chips 100 calorie 40% reduced fat.  Make sure you either buy the 100 calorie packs or you actually give yourself the correct serving.  When buying the larger bag, the serving size is different which means more calories. 

Total = 300 Calories + Veggie Calories 

Just a little recap from the weekend.  I went out Friday and Saturday, had a hangover after both nights.  I need to keep reminding myself that I am 25, not 21 and I cannot drink and recover like I used to!  If you like chocolate/coffee flavored beers, then you may want to try this one! 

I probably should have taken a photo before I drank half of it.  🙂  The flavor of the beer is Espresso Amber Ale. 

I’m going to update my training log tonight after I run with the girls after work again.  It’s finally sunny outside after we just got what feels like a life time of rain!  I’m VERY excited to start working out outside rather than a gym.  Makes the time go by so much faster!  Have a great day – til we meet again! 

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